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David Daly Kitchens not only reface kitchens, we also repair damaged kitchens. They fix and supply parts for all general kitchen repairs.


  • Faulty Hinges
Sometimes hinges can break due to wear and tear, or excessive weight being places on them. We can fix these quickly, and replace if needed.
  • Misaligned Doors
Doors that are not sitting quite right can really draw attention in your kitchen. Let us fix this, so your kitchen looks neat and tidy once again!
  • Damaged Drawer Sliders
Drawer Sliders can become damaged over time. If there is too much weight put on them they can bend. We can replace all your sliders and have your drawers like new
  • Replace broken drawer box
It is best to fix a broken drawer box as soon as possible before it completely comes apart. This can sometimes be due to the sides coming away, or the base of the drawer falling out. We can take care of this before it gets to the stage where you have to replace the whole thing.
  • Sticking Drawers
Whether you have sliders or not, your drawers may start to stick. This can be down to a number of things, not enough lubrication on the sliders, swelling of wood, etc. let us take a look and get this sorted ASAP!
  • Replace or repair damaged door knobs / handles
Again, this is frustrating, trying to open a door with no handle! We can either repair your current knob / handle, or find you replacement.
  • Fix dodgy latches
Many kitchen cabinets now have latches that keep the doors closed. These can be simple little catches, magnets etc. Sometimes these simply get damaged from general wear and tear, or from getting a knock or bang. David Daly Kitchens can get these back in working order for you.
  • Add bumpers to your cabinet doors
We can fed up of listening to the noise of kitchen doors slamming shut. Often there may be a sleeping baby you don’t want to waken. There are a number of solutions which can prevent this from happening.
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