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Getting a new kitchen fitted is expensive. Why pay €3,000 + for a new kitchen when you can simply reface what you currently have? Most kitchen fitters will completely rip out your old kitchen, even when the “skeleton” is perfectly useable. Most modern kitchens you buy, come with the skeleton, so the old one simply has to go. What most people don’t realise is that the skeleton is generally perfect; it is just the doors, worktops etc. that need a lift. These are the parts that get the most wear and tear. This really is where most of your money is being wasted.

So what is a Kitchen Reface?

This is where we remove the cabinet doors, handles, drawer fronts, worktops, end panels, hinges etc. We leave the skeleton in place, as this is usually perfectly sound. We then replace with new panels etc in your choice of colour & style.

What type of kitchen cabinets can I get?

The choice is endless. Choose from High Gloss Kitchens, All types of Wood, Oak, Alder, Maple, Walnut, Chestnut, Beech. If you have something I mind call us today. Browse our gallery for some inspiration.

What worktops can I choose from?

Again, we can get almost any type of worktop and fit it. Some of our popular choices are, granite, marble, wood. We also fit the new GetaLit worktops, produced by Westag & Getalit AG. They are stain resistant, heat resistant, impervious to boiling water, etc. Have a look at our gallery to see the different finishes.

Do you supply new handles?

We have a huge range of handles and knobs to choose from, wooden, brass, stainless steel etc. We also supply new hinges to ensure your kitchen lasts for years.

Do you call out or do I send you my measurements?

We offer a free call out service, so we can measure up your kitchen and give you a free no obligation quote. Every kitchen is different, cost depends on a number of things, including, size, what countertops and cabinets you want etc.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We are so confident in our work that we offer a guarantee on everything we do.


  • Cost 
This is a huge factor for the majority of our clients. The simple fact is, kitchens are expensive. We can give your kitchen a whole new look by simply refacing. When you get a kitchen fitted, there are often a lot of hidden costs, plastering, plumbing, replacing tiles, wooden floors etc. This means you can keep your money to spend elsewhere!
  • Time
At David Daly Kitchens, there are endless possibilities. We have worked with people to help design completely new and modern kitchens, with sleek lines and clean, simple surfaces. We also have a range of styles which are more traditional. If you are unsure, have a look through our gallery below for some inspiration. We have a range of worktops to choose from, with something to suit everyone.
  • Service
All work at David Daly Kitchens is fully guaranteed.
  • Looks like new
We regularly receive feedback from our customers telling us that friends and family think they have had a new kitchen completely fitted.
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